ÆLI : an intelligent lamp

During the week of 22 to 26th January, Frédéric Deslias, stage director, Laura Couto Rosado, designer, Ben Kupper and Vincent Palumbo developers and Laurence Boudet, engineer at CEA/LIST assembled at Atelier Arts Sciences to finalize the ÆLI prototype. ÆLI
is an intelligent lamp ; it observes us and depending on the distance and our movements, bursts into emotion. Thanks to its motion detector, ÆLI maps our emotions using colours. Each colour corresponds to a different mood.
The last (...)

Prospective Foyer 2030

Research shared by three Open Labs at CEA The ’Prospective Foyer 2030’ workshop has been commissioned by Ideas Laboratory to Atelier Arts Sciences and moderated by Alps Design Lab.
Dates : April 2018 Venue : Maison des Openslabs
Steering : Overview on the research By 2020, as forecast by the American research and advisory firm Gartner, there will be over twenty billion connected objects in the world. Many of them will certainly be designed for our homes. We can see intelligent thermostats (...)